Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas



This period normally begins from two years to six months before the hotel’s soft opening. Our team of experienced professional can help avoid costly mistakes in the initial design stages of a project by reviewing designs and working with the architects and interior designers. During this period Taman Suci Abadi also prepares ‘Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment’ (FF&E) lists ‘Operating, Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) lists. We will advise you on our recommended IT equiptment and configurations customized for your hotel. As well as this, Taman Suci Abadi prepares pre-opening budgets and working capital projections, soft opening and grand opening budgets as well as one year to ten year projections.


Following the Technical Services period, the pre-opening phase usually begins one year to six months before the soft opening date. During the pre-opening phase, Taman Suci Abadi prepares for the opening of the property and undertakes such tasks as competitor analysis, developing sales and marketing plans and collateral to sell the property, setting up websites, online reservation systems and connecting the hotel or resort to the ‘Global Distribution System, recruiting, assembling and training the team which will run the hotel, setting up all the departments and making sure all plans and actions run smoothly to ensure a successful opening – on schedule and on budget. Taman Suci Abadi provides specifications for all equipment required as well as list of reputable vendors but does not provide the pre-opening purchasing service.


Taman Suci Abadi corporate office helps coordinate reservations and backs up the hotels own sales and marketing team. Our experienced team of industry professionals can lead the way in filling your hotel and help target the most profitable and lucrative niches in the market.


Our full time ‘Cyber Designers’ in Bali can help set up your web site, setup your online reservation system and register your hotel with updated special offers and news on some of the worlds most visited travel sites. With research showing that in 5 years time 60% of hotel bookings will be made on line, your hotel can not afford to miss being a part of the World Wide Web.


Group advertising has proved very beneficial to all of the Taman Suci Abadi hotels within the group. The costs for these advertisements are reduced and the savings shared among all our hotels allowing for broader and more diverse exposure to your target market.


Taman Suci’s corporate website is used to help recruit new staff as well as transfer staff within the group who are looking for a new challenge. We put a great deal of time and effort into our recruitment process, believing the key to any great organization is the people within it.


In order to ensure staff development and the promulgation of Taman Suci and industry ‘best practices’, our group convenes quarterly ‘General Management and Head Operator Conferences’.  At these meetings, guest speakers and industry experts conduct training and hold open forums to increase the technical knowledge of all senior levels of our hotel management teams. Taman Suci Abadi blends together discussions on finance, sales and marketing, energy conservation, innovative service approaches as well as legal and government compliance matters.


Over 20 ‘Standard Operational Manuals’ covering all aspects of hotel operations – from the Finance Department, Housekeeping Department and IT Manuals through to The General Manager’s manual, these guides help set the framework for running a successful hotel operation at International Standards.


A full set of design standards have been prepared by Taman Suci Abadi to communicate hotel product standards for the design of Taman Suci Hotels, Suites, Villas and Resorts. The ‘Design Standards’ are organized into user friendly complementary sections.