Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas
Taman Suci Hotel Suite and Villas


Places of interest around Taman Suci Hotel

Mini Mart ( accross of Taman Suci Hotel)
Mini Mart the places is accross of Taman Suci Hotel and open 24 hours.

Tegal sari bus and station ( 150 m ) ( 1 minute )
Tegal sari station is station for local transportation from Tegal to Kuta Beach , Garuda Wisnu kencana and Jimbaran , so if go to Kuta and want a cheaper price than taxi can use this local Tranportation

Ziarah siti Khotijah ( 300 m ) ( 2 minutes )
The Located at Jalan Batu Karu, this very famous place of pilgrimage in Bali , and is often visted by muslims or people who want to know about this tomb

Kumbasari market ( 1,1 km ( 3 minutes )
Kumbasari market is offer handicrafts comodities and textiles are also available here.There are domestic and foreign tourist pay visit to this market.

Sulawesi market ( 1 , 5 km ) ( 4 minutes )
This places is at Jalan Sulawesi Denpasar , market for material for clothes especially Hindu’s ceremonies.

Jalan Hasanudin ( 2,4 km ) ( 7 minutes )
In this area we will find many gold jewelery shop ,so we can choose the beautiful one we need .

Patung catur muka ( Four Statue )( 1,7 km ) ( 5 minutes )
The statue stands on the cross roads in front of the Denpasar Mayor’s office.It is called Catur Muka ( Four faces ) , because it has four heads facing out to the four quarters of the compass and builled in 1973.The statue was created by craftmen led by the locally renowned artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad from Ubud Village .It’s 9 meters high statue is representing God Brahma ( God Brahma as the creator of Universe ) with four faces and has its original story can be found Mahabaratha epic.

Bali Museum ( 2,5 km ) ( 8 minutes )
This Ethnography Museum , located at Major Wisnu street ,and keeps a large collection of old items in its 4 buildings .Each of them exhibits unique collection , such as the east Building exhibits pre historical and historical item .The Buleleng building symbolize by th statue of Singa Ambara exhibits traditional Balinese fabric and costumes for religious purposes.The Karanasem Building has items for religious rituals and ceremonies for the panca yadnya, and Finally , The Tabanan Building pride itself with traditional Balinese work of arts.

Puputan Badung square ( 2, 6 km ) ( 9 minutes )
The name of Taman Puputan Badung is dedication to memorize of the war on 20 September 1906 in which The Balinese people king Badung fought the bravely against the Dutch

Jagatnatha Temple ( 2,6 km ) ( 9 minutes )
Jagatnatha temple is located at the east of Taman Puputan square at major wisnu street .Its Hindu Temple close to the museum Bali which is part of city tour attraction.The high structure of the Padmasana is the unique shrine of the temple.Like other big temples, jagatnatha is very busy on big religius day , such as Galungan , Kuningan, Saraswati.The regular religius ceremonies are conducted on the new and full moons , shadow puppet shows are normally performed.

Satria bird Market ( 2,3 km ) ( 6 minutes )
Satria bird market is located in city centre of Denpasar at Veteran street approximately 300 meters north of four faced statue.

The Kreneng night market ( 3 km ) ( 11 minutes )
The Kreneng market is located about 3 km from city centre this places well known as bemo terminal.The places is at Kamboja street and is accessible by public and private transport .In The night this market becomes a night bazaar where different kinds of food with reasonable prices are also available .

Taman Budaya ( Art centre )
The Building is estblished on 14 February 1973 and has function to arrange the art and cultural attraction and supported with open stages and main buildings for : dancing painting exhibition , seminar , music as specially big event of Bali Art Festival is hold on the middle of June to July every year .It’s located at Nusa Indah Street Denpasar.

Krisna Oleh oleh Bali ( 1 , 1 km ) ( 3 minutes )
This places is at Jalan Nusa Kambangan , here you can buy many various of handicrafts , Balinese clothes , special Krisna bali VIP clothes.

Erlangga oleh oleh bali ( 1,1 km ) ( 3 minutes )
Thi places is beside Krisna oleh oleh Bali , and a same have many various of handicraft , balinese clothes.

Level 21 mall ( 2,9 km ) ( 8 minutes )
The Located at jalan Teuku Umar No.1 Denpasar , mall with equipped with the biggest cinema 21 in Bali, Fitness centre , Food Court, Gramedia.